The LEED AP – Truly Committed

The LEED Accredited Professional brings a lot to your building’s green wellness table.  The USGBC has very specific LEED AP guidelines.  Qualifications for testing are strenuous and the testing itself is rigorous.  LEED AP’s bring significant value and meritorious insight to every project.LEED AP’s for janitorial services must comply the U.S. Green Building Council’s Commercial Operations and Maintenance (O & M) guidelines.  Qualifying and passing the AP examination represents a major commitment to environmentally responsible conduct.  LEED AP’s ensure the environmental integrity of your building’s sustainability, energy consumption and worker health.When considering the possibility of retaining a janitorial service with a LEED AP, the only question is why not?  Why would a building owner or developer who has gone the extra mile and created a sustainable, valuable environmental asset, stand by and watch that progress disintegrate under the management of an unqualified janitorial provider?The LEED AP Operations and Maintenance focus is on running existing green buildings efficiently.  The AP designation indicates more than a basic awareness of green construction, operations and building design.  The AP designation represents a serious financial and personal commitment to the guiding principles of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.To sustain their accreditation, LEED AP Professionals must continue education and training.  These professionals may also opt to pursue advanced designation through the LEED AP+ program.To apply for the LEED AP credential, the applicant must:

  • Produce a work attestation of 1500 words from a supervisor, client, project manager or other qualified person.
  • Provide a summary of previous involvement in a LEED project.
  • Provide dates and location of the project.
  • If the applicant is currently involved with a LEED project, the end date cannot be more than three years past.

The LEED AP pays a fee for each test.  When the LEED AP for Operations and Maintenance arrives at your building, owners and property managers can be assured that a knowledgeable expert is there to benefit their property.

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