Virtual Offices for Rent Houston

Virtual Offices in Houston

Modern business technology has transformed geographic barriers and spatial limitations into suggestions. Consequently, employees and entrepreneurs aren’t chained to their desks or limited to a single location. Also, companies don’t need bigger buildings to hire additional staff.

Technology has changed the definition of ‘Work’.

In a host of industries, increasing numbers of Americans work remotely. A 2015 report Gallup revealed that telecommuting for work climbed to 37%. In 2016, another Gallup survey showed that 43% of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely. The forefront of that is WeWork.

Working in a Houston Virtual Office

These days, many companies hire telecommuting workers, partially because it reduces corporate costs. As a result, it is common for a person to live in Houston, but work for a company in a different state. A virtual office Houston provides the freedom to work anywhere. At the same time, virtual offices offer the amenities of traditional office space.

A virtual office Houston provides the freedom to work anywhere.

In virtual offices, workers can rent private offices, shared offices, or even standing-only spaces. Some virtual offices provide drinks and snacks, private conference rooms, and soundproof areas for phone and video calls. In addition, other features of virtual offices might include:

  • Business/ Corporate Address Services
  • Receptionist Services
  • Phone, Teleconference, & Fax Numbers
  • Phone Answering & Forwarding
  • Mail & Package Handling
  • Scanning & Shredding
  • Storage

Most virtual offices charge a monthly fee for the use of their spaces. Although some may offer daily rates as well. Lastly, prices vary depending on location, size, amenities, and other factors.

Virtual Offices for Rent in Houston

Houston a is booming business town with almost 2.3 million residents. It is one of the country’s fastest-growing metros. Every year, more people relocate to Houston for work, but also for Houston’s affordability. By 2020, Houston’s population is predicted to surpass 2.5 million residents.

Virtual offices in Houston provide the best of both worlds – independence and a professional setting.

The metro area has lots of office space, including virtual offices in Houston. Large and medium-sized companies occupy much of the traditional commercial office space. However, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, ‘solo-preneurs’, contract workers, and freelancers may not have the means to rent larger, traditional office spaces.

Because of the nature of their businesses, many of these independent workers want prime office space. With virtual offices in Houston, they benefit from things like a business address and meeting facilities. As a result, virtual offices in Houston provide the best of both worlds – independence and a professional setting.

Let CXRE Assist You

Houston virtual offices provide independent workers with the workspace they need. If you need a virtual office Houston for personal use, please contact CXRE. In addition, if you wish to invest in Houston virtual offices, we can help. Our experienced commercial real estate brokers are ready to assist you.

From Downtown to the outlying suburbs, there are virtual offices in almost every submarket.

No matter what you need, CXRE can help. We are a team of Texas-licensed commercial agents and brokers (TREC Corporate Broker, CXRE LLC, License #9004453). In addition to our expertise with virtual offices in Houston, we have extensive experience with offices buildings, medical office buildings, land brokerage, and industrial properties.

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